About Us

Welcome to Zen Cases.

Zen is a way of being. Zen is a way of living. Zen is a state of mind. Your cosmetic case is not only a reflection of you, but in essence, it is like where Michelangelo kept his brushes, where Da Vinci organized his pastels… and also where you keep your plans to change the face of the world.

Zen Cases is not only a way of living more organized, it is a way of sharing your flare for life. It can be difficult to make your beautiful vision come alive when you can’t locate your mascara amongst the tweezers, brushes, applicators, and lipstick.

Have you realized all of the beauty that comes from organization? We color “inside the lines” so you don’t have to. With our makeup cases, we’ll help you organize your tools for your makeup dreams to come true. Our cases are extremely well-built, with attractive stylish lines; professional on the outside with just enough room to be wild on the inside. These makeup organizers are extra strong, extra tough, and provide easy access. They are designed to withstand all your cosmetic adventures!

Your make up organizer is a reflection of you. Show off your color and style in a professionally organized sleek chic cosmetic case! Now you can find your balance, find what fits for you and where, and then go out into the world with your Zen case and beautify life.


From all of us at Zen Cases